Starscope Gen 3 - Mobile Phone Mount

It’s fun being able to view objects in the distance up close using the StarScope Monocular; it’s another experience entirely being able to photograph or record those crystal-clear images with your cellphone. And that’s where the StarScope Mobile Phone Mount comes in! Maximize your telephoto capabilities with the mounting system that attaches easily to any smartphone.

Starscope Gen 3 - Mobile Phone Mount
  • Spring loaded phone mount with 1/4” camera screw mount(F) (Fits 53 to 75mm width phone)
  • Lens mount
  • Fit for most normal to XL size smart phone. Best to use on telephoto or normal zoom back lens.
  • Phone not included
  • Might not fit on tablet or on flip/folding smart phone
  1. Attach the Starscope mount on the phone mount.
  2. Adjust the clip to fit your phone.
  3. Position the Starscope using your phone mount.
  4. That's it! Now you can start snapping photos!
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