Blaux Bidet

Blaux Portable Bidet is an innovative product that will completely change the way you clean yourself. Personal bidets replace to toilet paper with a stream of water for the utmost in hygienic clean

Blaux Bidet


  • High and Low water pressure buttons (Low Pressure - 180 cycles, 110ml per min & High Pressure - 120 cycles, 150ml per min)
  • Water reservoir can hold max. 170ml
  • Adjustable washlet can be positioned up to 180°
  • Washlet head can also be removed and reinserted
  • Water resistant IPX6 makes it easy to clean
  • Will auto shut off after 1 minute when on to save on energy


  • Use clean clear water to avoid damage
  • Avoid filling with water above 40°C/104°F
  • Clean regularly to avoid bacteria
  • Spray in a circular motion for optimal cleaning use
  1. Fill the reservoir with clean tap water
  2. Attach the water canister to the bidet
  3. Use the toggle to spray either high - or low - pressure water until you are satisfied with the level of clean
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